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VPN Protocol TCP Characteristics and Performance
VPN Protocol TCP is the brother of UDP and it stands for Transmission Control Protocol. This protocol has different characteristics to UDP. It allows retransmission due to dropped packet. As a result, is an increased reliability at expense of a latency. Just like UDP that has certain characteristics, TCP also has particular characteristics. The characters include more reliability since it comes as connection-oriented internet protocol. So, when you use TCP protocol to deliver message then the message will reach its destination. Only in the case of failed connection that the protocol fails to deliver it. In case of dropped connection, the server reacts by requesting lost part. There will be no corruption as well.
In its Order, the TCP guarantees the first message will arrive first continued by the second message so the Order is as the same as you send the message. TCP comes as heavy weight internet protocol and so it does need more time to complete the work. As for the streaming, the packet of the TCP protocol reads one after another. So, it’s possible for multiple packets for only one read call. The samples of this protocol include File Transfer Protocol, Secure Shell, World Wide Web and email.