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VPN Protocol UDP Characteristics and Performance
When it comes to VPN providers, there are two types of connections, UDP and TCP. VPN protocol UPD refers to User Datagram Protocol and this is actually the best protocol as it allows faster connection. This protocol has several characteristics that distinguish it from TCP protocol. The reliability for instance, is less reliable since it comes as connectionless protocol. So, the message you send using the UPD internet protocol does not always reach the destination due to loss of transmission. And, it’s also possible for UPD to corrupt a message when it is being transferred.
As for its Order, UDP is actually a lightweight internet protocol. It means it doesn’t have order of connection and message. Instead, it only sends and then forgets. In this case, it does run faster when compared to TCP. In terms of the Datagram, the UDP send the data packet individually to make sure the completeness on arrival. And in one read call, only one packet is allowed. The samples of the UDP include Streaming Applications such as Trivial File Transfer Protocol or TFTP, VoIP, IPTV and Multiple Role Playing Games or MMORPG; and the Domain Name System or often known as DNS UDP port 53.